Dublin – Fall 2011 – Food for Thought


I leapt aside as a trio of huge Guinness kegs came rolling down the sidewalk at me.   A couple of toothless delivery men stumbled after the runaway barrels, hurling curses at each other. Fridays are like this.  The Irish thirst is not to be exaggerated. Every bar expects its enormous quota of 90 lb. beer barrels to be replenished in anticipation of raucous weekend customers.

Nor is the Irish demand for good quality food to be underestimated.  Our first dinner out was a spectacular meal, conscientiously sourced and prepared by chef Dylan McGrath at his RUSTIC STONE restaurant, South George’s St., Dublin 2, +353 1 707 9596.

lovely breads with humos and eggplant salad
pork pappardelle
halibut with walnut relish

Every Saturday morning at 11:00 a.m. there’s a lovely little Farmer’s market in the Temple Bar area. Hard to imagine that just the night before, these streets which once witnessed the first performance of Handel’s “Messiah” in 1742, were the  scene of excessive debauchery.

plenty of organic choices, often from neighboring County Wicklow, the garden of Ireland
nothing clears your head the day after like spicy food

our final purchases included local Irish sheep’s milk cheese, home-made plum jam, whole grain soda bread and a take away container of roasted pork, potatoes and caramelized onions

Whether you are craving a 70% Valrhona chocolate bar, American popping corn, Italian olive oil, runny epoisses cheese or an organic free range chicken, the best place to find it all is at Fallon & Byrne market, 11-17 Exchequer St., Dublin 2, +353 1 472 1010.  Fallon & Byrne boasts an eat-in cafe for lunch, a cosy wine cellar for small bites, and a full restaurant upstairs from the market (unfortunately, the noise level can reach deafening).

pumpkin carving was ferociously competitive this Halloween at Fallon & Byrne. The winner carved the Presidents of Ireland starting with the new guy, Michael D. Higgins
the master carver says his secret is ” be patient”

When you open the door to Sheridans Cheesemongers (11 South Anne Street, Dublin 2, +353 1 679 3143) a cold, moldy climate assures you the cheeses are “evolving”. The shop is a sort of G4 meeting of cheeses from France, Spain, Italy, and Ireland’s specialty, farmstead cheeses.  There’s also condiments, charcuterie and wine.

Just popped into Christchurch Cathedral, one of the great landmarks of Dublin, to take a break from food shopping. The church is not quite as impressive as St. Patrick’s Cathedral (see future blogs) but the crypt is open. Down here are the expectedly mournful funerary monuments. (pun intended)

Yet, I didn’t expect to be assaulted by the distinct smell of scented candles and something resembling, say,  lamb stew. Sure enough, besides dead bodies, the crypt is equipped with a Diner…

notice the cold case with festive cakes

…and a gift shop selling 4 leaf clover key chains, scarves in the style of the Book of Kells, plaques with pithy Irish sayings, and yes, and array of scented candles to keep the dead smell at bay. Presumably, the big bonus under this 1,000 year old church is the costume exhibit from past episodes of  “The Tudors” TV show which filmed here.

shameless hawking!
What would she think about all this?

coming up soon:  CELTIC-MANIA,

One thought on “Dublin – Fall 2011 – Food for Thought

  1. Sounds like you’re enjoying Dublin a bit more than you thought you would. I’m glad. Jon and I really want to get back there again. We’re still
    In Atlanta. Will be here till at least the beginning of February. I have a 2 1/2 week Christmas hiatus though. Any suggestions? We’re considering NYC. Don’t mind seeing/experiencing winter. But maybe a trip to Italy or Spain is in order. Rome at Xmas? What do you think? Don’t know people in any of these places to stay with, unfortunately so it can get expensive.
    Miss you!

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